Dear Hillary: You shouldn’t want to be POTUS

Hillary will likely win the election. As we’ve previously stated, that win comes with a loss. Therefore, here we must implore Hillary to rethink becoming President if she cares about the viability of her future. I say this with all sincerity, the biggest mistake of her life will be becoming President.

Before Wikileaks began its slow drip of exposing the depravity of the Democratic establishment, true Progressives like and Elizabeth Warren continued to expose the inequities. Bernie Sanders campaign was the turning point for many Liberals and Progressives – our eyes had been opened and our ears hearing loud and clear. We were now aware that the system we continued to support was literally fucking us over. Then came the proof – Wikileaks!

Wikileaks may have given Congress the evidence they need to impeach . The email messages show that Hillary deliberately deleted emails while she was under a subpoena. Further, it shows that they intentionally withheld certain email messages despite knowing there was a subpoena. That is blatant criminality, which before Wikileaks they had no proof. While Wikileaks emails have not been independently authenticated, they can be if this becomes a legal matter, which it will, as long as they weren’t deliberately deleted. It is clear, after Wikileaks, that there is probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. It is no longer a witch hunt or conspiracy, a crime was committed and proof exists to substantiate it.

Hillary advisers are ruined – John Podesta, Donna Brazille, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Huma Abedin, and many others. Their conversations show the corruption that is the ‘s. There are discussions about pay to play, quid pro quo, and foreign government donations. They discussed terrorist watch lists and removing countries that paid the appropriate price, which undermines our security efforts. The primary was rigged against Bernie Sanders and the coordinated, improperly, with Hillary campaign. These issues aren’t just going to go away because she’s POTUS! No, they actually just got started. These issues aren’t the only problems she faces.

They showed that she despised and would likely decimate his legacy. Made disparaging remarks against millions of Americans. She lied about her positions she took to mirror Bernie Sanders. She has one position in private and another in public. She’s disengaged from the middle class as she’s a wealthy elitist. The list goes on and on. Now, her election will be a sigh of relief for some and a complete travesty to others.

The most important reason why Hillary should not want to be President is that she will almost certainly be impeached. Yes, I’m saying it affirmatively now – HILLARY CLINTON WILL BE IMPEACHED! You can assure yourself that the GOP is working on that now. They may want to avert the crisis that is Trump, but their disdain for Hillary hasn’t subsided. They went after her when they knew she would run for President again. The didn’t mind her as Secretary of State until they knew she was intending to run for President. They spoke highly of her, until she decided to run. However, nothing would please their base more than Hillary being impeached.

The symbolism of impeachment matters more than the end result. People hate her so much they want her to suffer. The satisfaction those who feel she should be locked up will be the reckoning for GOP. They will use her as a pawn to rebuild their party. She’s the greatest unifying force for the GOP. However, if she goes away quietly she will be forgotten. Nobody will care whether she’s indicted or not, they just don’t want her elected, which is essentially a reward for being corrupt. They don’t want her making decisions for the rest of us. But, if she becomes President, her ambition will be the downfall of the Clinton empire.

My advice to Hillary would be – throw the election or drop out. State you have health concerns or something – I mean she’s a fantastic liar she can figure it out. But, get out Hillary! Get out right now! Save the little relationships you will have left after Wikileaks and live quietly with your millions. Time to retire! Pack it up and go home!

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  1. Welp, she didn’t win.

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