Damn Trump! You’re getting played by the GOP

I think the , The FBI, and the intelligence communities are conspiring to get impeached. I would not be surprised if Democrats are part of the conspiracy too. I came up with this theory that I think is plausible after paying close attention to politics, the political parties (GOP and Democrats), and the current sentiment of the American people, coupled with statements, documents, and articles. I think they have shown their hand and Trump better be worried – his time is numbered. I am almost assured that is imminent and they are deliberately delivering him political wounds to ensure they can take him down. Republicans in Congress despise Trump more than we do. He’s destroying their corrupt livelihood by pissing off so many of their donors with his reckless policies and blatant populism that’s not good for their pockets. They have, from the beginning, been planning on taking him down. Now, I’m starting to see their strategy. Liberals, we have been calling them cowards, but it’s not cowardice. This is a calculated, tactical, deliberate strategy to get Trump out of office.

First, do you recall Paul Ryan and other GOPers condemning Trump after the “grab ’em by the pussy” tape was leaked? They publicly rebuked him and others even withdrew their endorsement of him just to re-endorse him later. However, recently, audio leaked of a conversation Paul Ryan and House GOP leadership had after that Trump tape leaked. Many people thought what was most significant was that Ryan had said, in that recording, he wouldn’t defend Trump now or in the future. That was significant, but what is more significant, to me, is that he says on that call: “As you know I have real concerns about our nominee [Trump]”. That’s significant to me because that seems like a fundamental problem that cannot be cured just because Trump won the election. Further, Trump hasn’t changed who he is; therefore, it’s hard to imagine that internally Paul Ryan likes or supports Trump. This applies to Chaffetz who said he couldn’t look his daughter in the eyes and support Trump. He didn’t just grow to like Trump…come on, we all know better. He still has this daughter that I am sure he looks in the eye every time he is around her; which would mean that he is not a supporter of Trump.

Second, the rushed healthcare bill. While we all know that GOP has been discussing repeal and replace the ACA for at least seven years, we didn’t know they were so inept at doing it. However, now that they hold all branches of government, they should have had a bill uniformly supported by them and they don’t. However, they are trying to run a healthcare bill through that is most damaging to the people who voted for Trump. I believe they are rushing this bill through as fast as possible and will get Trump to sign off on more of their agenda, as quickly as possible, so they can take him down as quickly as possible. They need Trump to sign off on everything they want to do. When the AHCA fails, after Trump’s impeachment, they will blame Trump for it. Ryan is starting to ensure people know that the AHCA was worked on with Trump. Essentially trying to attribute the bill to Trump. Think about it – what is the rush? Paul Ryan knows this bill is devastating for Trump’s base, but pushes it while acting like he loves Trump. Other people have also said that they think Paul Ryan is taking advantage of Trump.

Third, they won’t publicly condemn him. Let’s get real, they see him destabilizing the world, breaching our alliances with other countries, protests all over the country, town halls are now war zones, largest protest in history against Trump and they say nothing. Why? They can’t! That doesn’t fit in the plan. If they publicly condemn him now, while his supporters still support him, he will take them down and ruin their chances at getting reelected. Further, by defending him now, they get to claim when they take him down: “This was never personal. I always defended the President. This time I am unable to do so because I have to put the country first”. People will give those who always defended Trump, and then turn on him, way more deference than those who were always opposed to him. That’s why they publicly support him even when he’s gone too far. They are waiting for the moment to take him down and be insulated from consequences. I feel the Trump-Russia connection will be part of that reason to abandon Trump.

Fourth, Mike Pence is their golden boy. There was an accusation made by Julian Assange, who I think is an international criminal and pedophile, where he alleges Pence will take Trump down. Below are his tweets:

Before Assange released these tweets, I already had suspicions that Pence will be Trump’s Judas. Mike Pence denies that any of this is true and he is loyal to Trump, but I don’t think so. Mike Pence, since becoming VP, has held himself out like he’s the President. Even his tweets, just look at his tweets, are very self-serving. While he’s slowed down some on the self-serving tweets since being accused of a coup, but just pay attention, he will continue to present himself like a traditional president and contrast himself from Trump. He talks about Trump in glowing terms publicly while constantly carving out a huge piece for himself. Watch how Pence looks at Trump; he looks like he’s always about two seconds away from saying “go fuck yourself”. The establishment Republicans (including Mike Pence) want Pence to take over. He’s predictable, very conservative, less openly threatening, more publicly calm and calculating, open to compromise, shares their ideals. He’s also a very principled and controlled conservative. Why would they want Trump when they can get Pence. For them, Trump is cottage cheese while Pence is fine wine.

Fifth, Senators Feinstein and Grassley were briefed by , the FBI Director, about the Trump-Russia investigation. Their response after that briefing was very revealing. It’s evident, to me, that being so tightlipped about the Trump investigation is because Comey is closing in on Trump or Trump affiliates. The reason Feinstein and Grassley were able to be briefed by Comey was only because of their harsh letter to Comey, but Comey had been real stringent about disclosures. Even Senator Lindsey Graham is demanding answers that he cannot get from Comey. However, their physical reaction, after the briefing, is very telling. Feinstein, a , wasn’t worked up, as Democrats usually are these days. They were both very somber and subdued. They looked like individuals who have seen something they never expected to see in their lifetimes. And, what were they seeing Comey for, because they needed more information on Trump and Russia. Conveniently after meeting with Comey they changed their tune. If there wasn’t anything, knowing a Democrat, she would have said something like the investigation is ongoing, or given some clue that they didn’t hear anything of importance, but that the investigation is still active. No, they saw classified information, evidence, evidence they can’t about right now. But, no, they were so quiet it was clear they saw something huge! Grassley could not even speak, he was literally speechless and he is a , GOP!

I am sure people may think I’m a conspiracist, I am not. I am a realist and very perceptive. It’s obvious that Trump is being played and this is a coordinated attack. Pay close attention, because I’m certain that Trump’s days are numbered. This fake GOP Protection of Trump is a facade. They all know that when the time is right and after they get what they want from Trump (signing crazy legislation that hurts Trump base the most), they will take him down. Right now you will start to see more and more GOP disagreeing with Trump on policies. They’ll test each opposition to him to see how their base will respond. If they feel there are no consequences for opposing him, they’ll oppose a little more. They are playing the very tactical game, where they take him down, as soon as possible, without consequences. You will start to see growing opposition to some of his policies; then slowly you will hear more GOP condemning him publicly, then a huge scandal will break and the GOP will be up in uproar, they will keep watching polling and if Trump starts losing his base, that’s when they him. But before they do, they will get their agenda passed. Watch, it’s started!

While I’ll be very satisfied with any reason to impeach Trump, Trump should be paranoid – very paranoid!

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3 Comments on "Damn Trump! You’re getting played by the GOP"

  1. I read the whole thing. I have to say that I agree with somethings and not others. I think GOP never wanted President Trump to be President. This RINOCARE is bad business and they know it. I do think them trying to Rush The President to sign it has a reason. I don’t know about Comey being a part and President Trump said he didn’t do anything with Russia so I believe him. I just hope He doesn’t trust the deep state. I think they do want to take him down. I think Pence loves the President and wouldn’t do that to him. But I’m gonna watch all of them and anyone that tries it is going to hear from me. I just want to pray for our President.

  2. Damn………. You might be right!!! They don’t like him, the bill is bad, Comey been real secret and we know he was part of russia being in our electionm. They coming for his scalp. This is article is long but I think you are right.

  3. I was listening to the news today and they are saying some of the same stuff y’all are saying.

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