Talk Show

TALK: What pisses me off about this election Season

In this episode we will discuss some of DICESI’s frustrations this election season. Dicesi discusses the six things so far that enrage her and why. From Trump’s playing on racial tension to HillaryClinton constant screaming. RAW AND REAL! Must listen!

TALK: Trump’s Hostile Takeover; Hillary still feeling the Bern

In this episode we will discuss Trump’s nomination and #Ted Cruz getting the boot while Carly Fiorina launches the shortest VP bid in American History. #Hillary Clinton is still losing, what does that do to the democrats in fall. Also, we will provide discuss what we feel Trump’s nomination means…

TALK: Correspondent Dinner roasts the press to their displeasure.

In This episode we discuss the #White House Correspondent Dinner that occurred on April 30, 2016. #President Obama‘s epic smackdown fest and #Larry Wilmore‘s unadulterated blatant truth. We will discuss the reactions and the audaciousness of some of the outrage and our opinion on roasting.   WATCH PRESIDENT OBAMA’S ROAST HERE….