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MUST LISTEN: In this special episode, DICESI will break down the epidemic of police killings and what preceded this epidemic. She will discuss the positions of the black #progressive about recent police murders and what that means to reforming policing. She will also discuss Black Lives Matter and the truth…


MUST LISTEN: In this episode, DICESI will break down the VP choice of #Donald Trump, Mike Pence and whether this pick was a mistake. DICESI will also dissect the recent terrorist attack in NICE and how to avoid demonizing Islamic people.

BREXIT, Trump and Hillary – why BREXIT matters in US!

MAKE-UP EPISODE: In this episode we will discuss the #BREXIT referendum and it’s implications on the US elections. We will explore the correlations between what is occurring in Britain with what is occurring between #Trump and #Hillary rhetoric. First, we will discuss BREXIT and what it is and what it means.  Second, we will discuss…

No Bill No Break – The Movement of Courage

Today House Democrats organized a monumental and revolutionary #SitIn to demand a vote on common sense gun legislation. The movement is called #NoBillNoBreak. The Democrats have held the floor for over eight hours, despite the obstruction from the #GOP. DICESI breaks it down in this epic episode of Candor #Talk…

TALK: Bernie Sanders Not Conceding Means?

In this episode, we give you a quick preview of our feelings about the next options for #Bernie Sanders and what his followers should get realistic about. Do not forget to tune into our show, LIVE, every Sunday at 10pm on BLOG #TALK RADIO.

Talk: Mainstream Media Are Dishonest

In this special broadcast, DICESI dissects the mainstream media and the top headlines of the week. The beginning of the episode had some sound issues, but this is a must hear episode!

TALK: Trump Reminded of Old Friend John Miller

In this special edition episode DICESI does what she does best, examine the most recent #Donald Trump scandal which is Donald Trump posing as John Barron and John Miller, in the 1990s, to plant stories about himself with the media. We will discuss what Donald Trump should have said and…

TALK: Trump’s Tax Return Con; Crazy Bernie is a lame moniker

In this episode we will discuss #Donald Trump‘s, the presumptive Republican Nominee, refusal to release his tax returns because they are under audit.  We will explore his previous statements regarding releasing his tax returns and what our interpretation of this withholding is really about. We will further discuss #Trump‘s new…

TALK: What pisses me off about this election Season

In this episode we will discuss some of DICESI’s frustrations this election season. Dicesi discusses the six things so far that enrage her and why. From Trump’s playing on racial tension to HillaryClinton constant screaming. RAW AND REAL! Must listen!