Brussels Attack is Not Isolated – something is going on!

On Tuesday, March 22, 2016, the world woke up to learn that a terroristic attack had occurred in .  The total murdered victims count, thus far, at 31 people.  The tragedy of this event invokes multiple emotions in us, as we continue to ponder what kind of future do we have when you have people who want to kill indiscriminately and without purpose. Innocents is destroyed for the purposes of some sick hate groups blood lust.  More frustrating about the Brussel’s Attack is the fact that this incident is not isolated.

“Something is going on”, says the frontrunner of the GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump.  He was referring to the multiple terrorist attacks we have seen occur around the world. Unfortunately, those committing the terror, at least classified terror, are .  The worst part is the greater massacres by Muslim people, are not covered because they affect black or muslim countries, which Mainstream Media like MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News will not report because it does not affect a white dominated country. However, Mr. Trump may have a point here – something is going on where Muslims around the world are killing people for no reason and no justification.

Let me say plainly, most Muslim people are peaceful, loving, God fearing, law-abiding people.  

However, the radical wing of is concerning.  For example, even though the media will not report it, 500 (five hundred) Christian were killed by Muslims in Nigeria.  You would not know it because the media could careless to report it.  It is not sensational enough to report because it’s just a bunch of Negros; however, killing 500 people, anywhere in the world, should be a front page story.  Nevertheless, and more importantly, these Brussels and Nigeria attacks are not isolated.

In San Bernadino California, a Muslim couple assassinated their own friends and colleagues in the name of Islam.  In Paris, 130 people were murdered, in the name of Islam.  In Moscow, a Muslim woman murdered a young child by severing off her head and walked around the street with the severed head.  The list goes on and on and on.  It is time to stop pretending that it is a contained issue, because it is not.  Radical Islam is very threatening to the lives and safety of others in the world.  Radical terrorist must be destroyed and decimated to the extent that they have no ability to resurrect.  They have insulted the Islamic faith with their actions.  They have cast a dark shadow over peaceful, loving, law abiding people by using Islam as an excuse to wreak havoc.  Today, as a result, there was a hashtag on twitter.  The saddest part is the Islam does not support this; however, something is going on with these radical Islamic Terrorists.  We cannot act like these are isolated incidences anymore and we must work together to combat it.  After today, we must all agree that as human beings on this planet that respect life, we will fight back against .  However, let us also remember that as we mourn, so do many of our Islamic brothers and Sisters.

We need to take this moment and unify together to stop Islamic once and for all.  We cannot shy away from it, we cannot act as though it does not exists, we must call it what it is and focus on eradicating it.  We can do this together, as a global community because – Something is going on and we cannot sit idly by anymore.

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  1. I think many Muslims are misunderstood. Everyone thinks they support terrorism but most don’t. But we are scared because we don’t know if they can become radicalized. I think they need to fight harder against terrorism then people may be more ok with them.

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