BREXIT, Trump and Hillary – why BREXIT matters in US!

MAKE-UP EPISODE: In this episode we will discuss the  referendum and it’s implications on the US elections. We will explore the correlations between what is occurring in Britain with what is occurring between and rhetoric. First, we will discuss BREXIT and what it is and what it means.  Second, we will discuss how BREXIT could affect the campaigns of Hillary and Trump. This is going to be a very informative episode. MUST LISTEN!

As with every episode, we will provide you with the five top headlines of the week. DON’T MISS IT!

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2 Comments on "BREXIT, Trump and Hillary – why BREXIT matters in US!"

  1. I finished the whole show. Pretty interesting. There are some similarities between Brexit and US. The pundits act like there is not really that much similarity but there are actually. I don’t think Hillary wins easy either. She has to earn votes or many will stay home or vote out of anger. I think this is why Hillary is bringing in Elizabeth Warren. She knows people do not trust her or like her, but people who want change will vote for someone like Elizabeth Warren.

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