Angry Trump has gone on a dangerous tirade, Again!

has this fascinating ability to get extremely angry with people he feels even remotely slight him.  Typically instead of attacking them to their face, he resorts to using social media to give them a swift piece of his very sensitive mind.  This past week angry Trump  has attacked the accusers against him that allege that he is essentially a perverted, groper, or he’s attacked the media, democrats, “Crooked Hillary”, Alec Baldwin and Saturday Night Live, and “Weak” Paul Ryan, the “failing” NY Times, “Foul-Mouthed” John McCain, and “Disloyal” Republicans.  Essentially, Trump has gone batshit crazy and has no intentions at this point of winning the election.  The polls are showing that Hillary is running away with this election, and everyday Trump is recognizing that he may lose this election and be exactly what he scorched Mitt Romney for – A FAILED CANDIDATE!  Therefore, he has gone completely nuclear on anyone and everyone, except for those loyal, despicable, soldiers that worship his majesty.

However, while he feels that the world has created some grand conspiracy against him, he’s so paranoid I am unsure he will leave his palace after this election.  He is attempting to create a paranoid electorate that will be gullible enough to believe that Trump lost this election because the election is rigged.  While it is evident that Trump does not believe this election is rigged or maybe he does, he has no proof of these claims.  The only truth that exists is that he is getting his ass kicked by maybe the most corrupt person to run for office, and she’s a woman.  His supporters, some are so loyal I am afraid they may kill themselves or others if he loses, are planning a 1776 type rebellion and may initiate a coup against the government.  I mean this is third world type, dictatorial, deranged mentalities of some of his supporters.

Therefore, while you may think Trump is just angry, being typical angry Trump, you are missing the real danger of his consistent paranoia and constant loathing. He is attempting to create a society in which it is acceptable to lash out at your opposition, lack etiquette, constantly feel enraged, create conspiracies, negatively brand your adversaries, and stir violence.  Look at the tweet storm below and tell me how this anger, constant, is healthy and tolerable in a society that claims to encourage basic human decency and admires healthy dialogue and dispute. Further, if you are as appalled as I am about this conduct, you cannot vote or endorse angry Trump.

Here is a list of some of the angry tweets from Angry Trump this past week:



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2 Comments on "Angry Trump has gone on a dangerous tirade, Again!"

  1. He’s angry about everything these days. He knows he’s losing and he wants to ruin the whole world. Why can’t he take responsibility for his behaviors. He’s the reason he’s losing. Him and him alone. I can’t wait for this to be all over.

  2. Drumpf is mad. He needs help.

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