AL Smith Dinner made Trump Iconic

Before you read this article, you must watch ‘s entire speech at Al Smith Dinner:

Let me preface this article by stating that I am not now, nor have I been, a Trump supporter. I am a and voted for in the primaries. I am also not a Hillary supporter and never have been.

Now, when I first watched his speech live I was very uncomfortable with the awkwardness. Obviously, watching someone get booed at a dinner like this is extraordinary. However, to those people who despise , that speech was iconic. In a room full of some of the most powerful people in the United States, the elite, Trump took on the face of the establishment/elite – Hillary . The joke was on the establishment and it was an indictment on everyone of them. They are all part of a rigged system that keeps the power in a few hundreds of people while excluding the rest of the country. They are part of a system that makes the middle to lower class pay for those in power to stay rich. While Trump is a “billionaire” or part of the upper-crust of society, he does not have the elitist mentality.

He exposed, to all who were watching, the full level of corruption that has enabled Hillary to get to where she is and they (those elites) were the ones who empowered her. He minimized her feeling of entitlement and forced her to deal with her corruption in the most uncomfortable way. He made those who enabled her feel chastised and helpless while he continued to pound into their memories the disease that they created. He reminded those who oppose the system, as is, that they have reason to be dismayed and angry. He reminded us that Hillary is not above the law and those who continue to support her corruption will also be exposed. He is the first person to call someone corrupt at a dinner like Al Smith. But more importantly, he was the first person who likely could substantiate such a claim if they made it.

People booed Trump not because what he said was untrue, but because the truth made them uncomfortable. Their complicity in the utter destruction of the middle class, the loss of jobs and opportunity, and their greed is why someone like Hillary Clinton will become the next President of the United States. They knew that he wasn’t just attempting to demean Hillary, it was an incrimination of the entire system. He went after the mainstream media for their obvious collusion with Hillary’s campaign. He went after her corruption, which many in that room have been beneficiaries of. He also ensured that no one would forget who Hillary actually is.

For those of us, like me, who are infuriated that Hillary has largely been immune from any liability, it was refreshing to see someone with the power to speak up actually do so. He knew that he would get a hostile response, but he didn’t care. His motives for speaking out could be multi-fold, but what matters is that he actually did it. Maybe he was upset about likely losing this election or maybe he felt that he needed to speak up for the average American. Maybe he was trying to rally his base showing them he can take on the elite right to their face. However, his motives are irrelevant. Our leaders are not immune from consequences when we aren’t immune. We are not pawns in their game to get as rich as possible off of the hard work of others. We aren’t required to stay silent while we pay for them to fuck us over! Even if we aren’t being heard, it’s clear they heard something today.

What Trump did at the Al Smith Dinner will make him iconic to all those who despise the rigged system. He reminded the establishment that no matter how powerful they are, he can still take them down. Trump won’t win this election, but one thing for sure, he exposed our corrupt and rigged system and now we are all woke!

P.S. I’m pretty sure this also helps the launch of any Trump TV.

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3 Comments on "AL Smith Dinner made Trump Iconic"

  1. Thank You! They keep attacking him but I’m proud of him. You are right this was his best speech. Vote Trump

  2. No, it didn’t make him ICONIC. It exposed his narcissistic, nasty, ugly nature. What he managed to do was make her appear LIKEABLE! That’s hard to do. The criminal Hillary actually came off looking gracious, complementary, good humored, and able to weather whatever hate Trump threw out. Frankly, he looked like the 5-year old that we all claim he is!

  3. This is the best article I’ve seen on Trump after that dinner. I’m tired of these elites and they try to steal our election. They don’t want Trump to win because they will all be gone. Keep writing.

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